CoSTAR – End-User Creation of Collaborative Robot Programs

CoSTAR was developed as a system for quickly creating powerful, reusable robot programs with a broad range of capabilities. We developed CoSTAR with small manufacturing entities (SMEs) in mind. SMEs commonly have short turnover between products, and commonly need to retool production once or twice a week.

The system combines our state-of-the-art perception system to detect objects and compute their poses with other capabilities for object tracking, motion planning, and reasoning. End-users can employ a Behavior Tree-based user interface to author task plans in a process that is as powerful as traditional programming.

The robot can use tools and collaborate alongside humans. Users can also provide it with high-level commands, like “pick up objects on the left side of the table.”

People Involved:

  • Faculty: Greg Hager, Marin Kobilarov, Darius Burshka
  • Students: Chris Paxton, Andrew Hundt, Felix Jonathan, Matt Sheckells, Chi Li
  • Postdocs: Kelleher Guerin

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