Open Projects

There are typically a number of open undergraduate and masters projects. If you are interested in any of these projects please fill out our online application form.  Emails directly to Professor Hager will not be read.

Project Name: Crowdsourcing platforms for surgical data annotations
Mentor: Anand Malpani ([email protected])
Description: Our group has worked on surgical activity and skill analysis for the past 10 years and are now interested in applying crowd sourcing surgical data. In this project, we are exploring the combination of crowdsourcing and surgical data science tools to provide context-relevant information to the surgeon (resident) in a timely manner. Creating a platform to do so is of significance in patient safety and delivering higher quality of health care. The candidate for this project would be responsible in developing interactive web forms – front and back end to collect contextual information about surgical performance videos. They should have a good aptitude towards development of concise and efficient user interfaces.
Specific Goal: To support the development of crowdsourcing tools including web development, database management and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform.
Skills: Intermediate (HTML+CSS+JS), Beginner (PHP, MySQL, Python)
Outcomes: Authorship in scientific publications, another skill (Mechanical Turk) on your resume, possible credits for Independent Research Study
Apply: Send an email to the above contact address with a brief description of your interest and your current resume outlining your skills and past experience.

Project Name: Language of Surgery
Mentor: Swaroop Vedula ([email protected]) and Narges Ahmidi ([email protected])
Description: We are looking for someone to assist with data collection and associated research in a cutting-edge research study with potential for substantial impact on aspects of graduate surgical education in otolaryngology. The ideal candidate will either have experience in a clinical setting (as a student or trainee) or an interest in clinical work, superior social and communication skills, discipline, and time management ability.

The candidate will attend surgeries at different operating rooms affiliated with Hopkins, coordinate sterilization of operating equipment with nursing staff, setup data recording equipment and capture data following previously established procedures, all the while respecting the sterile environment in the operating room.

Data collection is expected to start in September (2015). On average, this will be a part-time effort with data collection scheduled for multiple days in some weeks and not at all in others.

Candidates interested in participating in research related to the analysis of the collected data are especially encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should send a resume to: [email protected] or [email protected]

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