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  • JIGSAWS Released!
    • Our group has released a complete data set (JIGSAWS) for public use to provide fellow researchers with a rich data set for surgical activity recognition and skill assessment.
  • IROS Workshop on Human SensoriMotor Control (Chicago, USA)
    • Colin Lea presented his work titled “Using Vision to Improve Activity Recognition in Surgical Training Tasks“, co-authored by Gregory Hager and Rene Vidal.
    • Anand Malpani presented his work titled “Evaluating Surgical Training Task Segments: using the Crowd and the Machine“, co-authored by Gregory Hager.
  • M2CAI Workshop at MICCAI 2014 (Boston, USA)
    • Piyush Poddar’s work won the Best Paper Award, titled “Automated Objective Surgical Skill Assessment in the Operating Room Using Unstructured Tool Motion” co-authored by Narges Ahmidi, Swaroop Vedula, Masaru Ishii, Lisa Ishii, and Gregory Hager.
    • Yixin Gao presented her work titled “Language of Surgery: A Surgical Gesture Dataset for Human Motion Modeling” co-authored by Swaroop Vedula, Carol Reiley, Narges Ahmidi, Balakrishna Varadarajan, Henry Lin, Lingling Tao, Luca Zappella, Benjamin Bejar, David Yuh, Grace Chen, Rene Vidal, Sanjeev Khudanpur, Gregory Hager.



  • Anand Malpani’s paper titled “Pairwise comparison-based objective score for automated skill assessment of segments in a surgical task” co-authored by Swaroop Vedula, C. C. Grace Chen and Gregory D. Hager was accepted at IPCAI 2014 (to be presented on June 28th, Fukuoka, Japan)


2 papers accepted at MICCAI 2013

May 2013

Lingling Tao’s paper titled Segmentation and Recognition of Surgical Gestures from Kinematic and Video Data. co-authored by Luca Zapella, Gregory Hager, Rene Vidal.
Oral presentation for Narges Ahmidi’s paper titled String Motif-Based Description of Tool Motion for Detecting Skill and Gestures in Robotic Surgery co-authored by Yixin Gao, Benjamin Bejar, S. Swaroop Vedula, Sanjeev Khudanpur, Rene Vidal, Gregory D. Hager


Benjamin Béjar receives best paper award at 2012 MICCAI Conference
November 5, 2012
CIS student Benjamin Béjar received the 2012 Best Paper Award in Computer Assisted Intervention Systems and Medical Robotics for his paper Surgical Gesture Classification from Video Data, co-authored with Luca Zapella and Rene Vidal.


November 2010
We are included in the article Playing doctor: Learning about slips of the knife better on `patients’ than patients which appears in the Washington Post Magazine, November 7, 2010.
March 2010
Article about “Dissecting the Language of Surgery” in the magazine of the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

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