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Spatio-temporal Registration of Multiple Trajectories

This video shows the synchronous replay of three independent repetitions of a knot-tying task using the da Vinci robot’s tools. In spite of their different orientations and variations, the trajectories of the tools have been aligned automatically both in space and time for better analysis and processing.

Automatic Scissors: 3rd Arm Assistance for Tele-Surgery

This video shows real-time experiments with an “automatic scissors” command, illustrating the concept of automatic third arm assistance during robotic tele-surgery. The thread is tracked in 3D using discrete optimization.

3D Thread Tracking using Discrete Optimization

This video illustrates some of our work on environment modeling. It shows a 3D thread tracking experiment using an approach based on discrete Markov random field optimization.

Gesture-based Manipulation of a Surgical Tool using a Kinect

Gesture-based fine manipulation of a surgical tool, using a kinect and a non-commercial da Vinci robot. The 3D hand positions are tracked using depth information obtained from a kinect sensor and are used to control the 3D pose of the robotic tool. This approach allows to translate the 3 degrees of freedom of his hands into gestures which can control a device that has 6 degrees of freedom.

Sharing Control: Human Machine Collaborative Surgery

This video illustrates Human-Machine Collaboration (shared control) between an operator and a robot during a tele-operated task. When the label “Manual” is displayed, the tools are operated manually. Using contextual recognition, several sub-tasks are automated. This is indicated by the label “Auto”, during which time the hands of the operator are not moving. The trajectories of the automated motions are also displayed in the field of view of the operator with a spatial offset. The system is illustrated using a non-commercial da Vinci robot on a suturing task.

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